Donald Miller made me do it

March 7, 2011

Donald Miller’s new book just made it to paperback for 7.99 on Amazon but chances are I get it for free because he held a contest giving a free copy to the first thirty people to post this news on their blog and seeing that I am awake in China and the rest of you are probably sleeping somewhere out in the America’s. I win. Hey, he’s a nice guy.

And one more thing. I can’t watch Don’s video because I’m living behind the great Chinese firewall but I want you to watch it…enjoy.


2 Responses to “Donald Miller made me do it”

  1. epallen Says:

    well, it looks like i lost. good marketing though.

  2. F Says:

    I think you can watch this video in the same way as how you get on the facebook.

    It’s three times I repeated the video and then get the major meaning. It seems that you’re confused recently. hehe.

    Everyone in this age is lost. Do as what he said in this video.

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