Ear Shit: A Gesture of Love

December 17, 2013

It’s just how they show affection here I guess.

With my head in her lap my sweet (Chinese) girlfriend says in a disgusted voice, “why you have so many ear shit?”

She was referring to the healthy buildup of earwax (or in Chinese 耳屎) that seems to collect in my inner ear at a rate faster than she approves of. She keeps close tabs on the wax in my ears. She also attributes my slow acquisition of the Chinese language to the amount of wax in my ears. And on certain rare occasions when I make a minor mistake due to my failure to listen to her she points at my ears and says, “dirty boy!”

To be honest it feels quite nice having someone else gently swab the inside of your ear. It tickles and soothes. If you can find a person who doesn’t mind performing this task then I advise that you try.

I’ll just say that it takes both love and trust to allow someone to dig around on one of your five senses like that.

Have you checked your ears lately?


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